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Refueling Plants

Separation of oils and hydrocarbons

Businesses that produce oily wastes or have yards polluted with oily wastes are required to treat stormwater runoff before discharge into the municipal sewer system.

Therefore, according to UNI EN 858 Part 1 and 2, fueling stations, mechanic shops, car washes, storage facilities and motor vehicle parking lots must have an oil separator for wastewater treatment.

The de-oiler provides water removal from sludge and oily substance through the use of a single tank.

Thus equipped, the cistern operater 2 main processes:

  • Sedimentarion of solids, such as sludge, silt and sand

  • Separation of oily suspensions, such as oils and hydrocarbons


The oil separator has a colescence filter, primed at the separator outlet pipe, through which the clarified water will pass and enter the discharge pipe.

At load conditions compatible with its nominal size, the oil prefabricated separator supplied by us is capable of removing oily substances present in the water up to a content of the residual oil not exceeding 5 mg / l.


Our routine maintenance service includes all the frequent operations that are necessaryt to keep the equipment running at optimum efficiency such as:

cleaning, greasing, oiling and keeping the machines running efficently. 

Our implants

Our company is specializes in the supply of turnkey plants for the separation of oils and hydrocarbons.

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Our de-oiling plants are particularly suitable for activities such as: for:

  • Automobile washing plants

  • Mechanical workshops

  • Fuel dispensers

  • Forecourts and parking lots

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