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A natural purification system

For water treatment , phytoremeditation plants use natural processes involving wetland vegetation.

Taking advantage of these plants, which represent a natural and wnvironmentally friendly system, a basin is installed consisting of waterproof polyethylene trays, molded in one piece for maximum tightness and sized according to local regulations, filled with gravel and acquatic plants that, with the help of microornanisms and trough a combined action with the purification station, allows purification.​

The installation of a phytodepuration plant, which is particularly suitable for settlements with loads up to 500 inhabitants, requires a separate network for wastewater and drinking water.


It is good to make quarterly checks of the sludge in the Imhoff tank and Degreaser.

In case sludge is found inside the sump, it is necessary to anticipate the annual check and perform cleaning or replacement.

The annual check includes a sampling of the sediment sludge present in the Imhoff tank and Degreaser:

the sump must be empitied to 80% of the water depth (20% should be left).

Removal of any floating sludge.

Our implants

We propose to our clients a phytodepuration plant eith installation of a primary treatment system (imhoff tanks, three-chamber septic tanks, etc.) chosen according to the specific effluent to be treated and essential to avoid bed clogging

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Foundamental to obtaining the maximum yeld of the installed plant is to analyze the soil before starting the design and to comply with the necessary and sufficient conditions.

Phytodepuration plants are particularly suitable for:

  • Domestic water treatment

  • Industrial efluents

  • Settlements of up to 500 inhabitants

  • Communities with separate networks for wastewater and drinking water

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