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Obtaining water that is fit for consumption

Potabilization, or Purification, plants are designed to purify water for domestic and industrial use.

The process consists of several steps to remove contaminants from raw water to obtain water that is suitable for normal consumption by passig it through state-of-art plant facilities.

Surface waters are normally contaminated.

Contaminants of natural origin such as some suspended solids (turbidity), organic substances and micropollutants of anthropogenic origin as well as a high microbial load are present.

We have tailor-made solutions for any potabilization problem:

demineralization plants,softening, ozonation, deferrization, denitrification, and all specific tratments for groundwater potabilization.

The advantages of our solutions are many, among the main ones:

The reduction of plant operating cost and the guarantee of efficency.

Our technical staff will take care of the entire management of the order:

survey, estimate, design, installation, start-up, after-sales service and releated testing.


Our routine maintenance service includes all the frequent operations that are necessaryt to keep the equipment running at optimum efficiency such as:

cleaning, greasing, oiling and keeping the machines running efficently. 

Our implants

They provide for the use of modern technology and systems that can solve any problem and can be insertedon pre-existing systems

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Our applications include various potabilization systems, indicated for:

  • Civil and industrial potabilization

  • Food process liquids

  • Utility water

  • Thermal water treatment

  • Treatment of government liquids

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