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📢 Career opportunities in Verona and its province! 🚀

Are you looking for a professional opportunity in Verona and the province? Know that numerous companies in the area are looking for highly qualified professionals for key roles in the industrial sector. Well yes, the local job market offers interesting prospects for those who want to embark on a successful career.

  • 🔧 Mechanical Technicians for Production: If you have technical skills and a passion for the production of high-precision mechanical components, there is a golden opportunity for you. Companies are looking for mechanical technicians to join their production teams.

  • 🎨 Graphic Design and Industrial Design: If your talent is expressed through creativity and graphic design, you could be the person companies are looking for for industrial design and design. Your innovative ideas can make a difference in the industry.

💼 Specialized Training with Giorgi: And the great thing is that the IPSIA Giorgi institute in Verona is here to help you prepare for these exciting career opportunities. With their "Made in Italy," training program you will be able to develop your skills and put them into practice in the real world.

  • 🔩 Mechanical Production Technician: In the path dedicated to the role of mechanical production technician, you will learn to create technical drawings using the most modern computer graphic representation methodologies. You will be able to create prototypes, manage production and control activities, and use advanced technologies such as traditional and CNC machine tools and 3D printing.

  • 🎨 Graphic Designer and Industrial Designer: If industrial design is your passion, our course will prepare you to be a successful graphic designer and designer. You will learn to create innovative projects and put them into practice in the industrial sector.

  • 🌐 Global Skills with English: Additionally, you will gain a solid understanding of the specific terminology used in this industry, both in Italian and English. This will make you even more competitive on the global market.

  • 🎓 Diploma and University Prospects: And if you wish to continue your education, our diploma will allow you to enroll at university, paving the way to becoming a qualified engineer. The opportunities are truly limitless!

Don't miss out on these incredible career opportunities. Join us at Giorgi and prepare for a successful future in the "Made in Italy." industrial sector. Contact us today to learn more about our training program and how to get started on your path to an extraordinary career. 📚🛠️💡

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