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Depureco Technology

Not only suppliers, but also consultants for solving issues related to environment and water use


For our systems we use only the best products and the best technologies available.

Impianto di Fitodepurazione


Natural and environmentally friendly systems for civil water purification

Impianto di Potabilizzazione


Water purification and potabilization systems for domestic and business use

Impianto di Subirrigazione


Artificial wastewater dispersion systems in soils, for small and medium-sized communities

Impianti Biologici

Biological Plants

Removal of organic substance according to natural self-purification processes, without the addition of chemicals

Impianti a fanghi attivi

Active Sludge

Purifiers thet reproduce the transformation process of organic substance that occurs in nature

Impianti di rifornimento

Refueling Plants

Plant designed for the separation of oils and hydrocarbons


For our systems we use only the best products and the best technologies available.


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Ragazzi che controllano la qualità dei prodotti


Each year we strive to engage all staff and associates to develop new and different skills. This is the key to becoming a constantly growing company

Un lavoro sicuro per l'ambiente
Un luogo di lavoro rilazzante per le persone


We think that the preservation of the environment is a duty to future generation. Therefore, we are commited to reducing environmental risk with careful management of all issues


When we talk about quality standard we always mean the highest level. That is why we periodically carry out numerous analyses, from the proper selection of suppliers and raw materials to the reliability of plants and machines. Every single analysis requires careful research. The best for our Costumers, is the best for us.


Our company offers a wide range of consulting, design and maintenance services aimed at companies and individuals


Project Design

We design civil and industrial sewage treatment and potability plants in compliance with current regulations



Planned and extraordinary maintenance service whiche is one of the strenghts of our company



We install prefabricated civil and industrial water purification and potable water treatment plants

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Cell: 348 760 5222

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